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Performance Riding Jeans

Safety first, without compromising on style

The most technically advanced motorcycle jeans, Harley-Davidson® Performance Riding Jeans give you the best of both worlds by offering you the extra protection on the road while making sure that you never compromise on style.

Our Performance Riding Jeans are made with top-quality denim with an innovative new lining and are equipped to provide double the abrasion resistance at half the weight of any other performance jeans available. High-tech on the inside, the outside is pure style: once you reach your destination you can flex your fashion muscle. They're designed to keep you looking good, on or off the bike.

Finally, the riding jeans you're been waiting for
are here

ROOMOTO® is a unique knitted mesh of the world's toughest fibres. Twice as strong and half as thick as other riding jeans, our jeans offer the comfort style and protection to give you the confidence to take on the road.

ROOMOTO® is the only protective lining material designed specifically for motorcycle riders.
ROOMOTO® is lightweight and fully breathable with cooling and antibacterial features letting your body breathe and keeps you cool while on the road.
Harley-Davinson's FXRG® Performance Riding Jeans are the only motorcycle jeans in the world to achieve CE Level 2 approval, standing up to extreme punishment longer than any other denim.
Regular woven kevlar will protect you for just 1.5 seconds while a Kevlar & Dyneema hybrid knit will stay intact for 4.4 seconds. Harley-Davidson's new FXRG® Performance Riding Jeans keep you safe for a whole 7.46 seconds, offering more protection than any other performance denim available.