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Triple Vent System

Introducing the Triple Vent System

A patent-pending ventilation system offered on select H-D® jackets to keep riders and passengers cool - even in extreme heat - by maximizing airflow and circulating it around the body.

Our engineers and apparel designers spent countless hours in a wind tunnel, rigorously testing, tweaking and refining the system to determine the most optimal vent locations on a jacket when touring. Those results were then evaluated on computer generated models, on the open road, and in traffic.

The outcome? The most advanced air management system for riding gear ever developed.
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Sleeve Vent

Sleeve vents are zipper adjustable to control airflow, whilst providing greater wrist flexibility and movement.

Chest Vents

Chest vents maximise airflow when you're riding at speed and when you're at idle, increasing upward air current from front to back.

Side Vents

Having redesigned the backrests on our tourers it quickly become clear that side vents rather than back vents, would be needed. Otherwise our comfortable new pillion arrangement would simply cover them up and restrict the airflow. Once again, it's all
in the detail.

Stay-Open Snap Tabs

Strategically-placed snap tabs hold vents open, allowing more air to enter and circulate inside the jacket.